DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. (WGHP) — Frustration and concern are the top two things on the Davidson County sheriff’s mind when it comes to kids being online and gaming.

He wants parents to be more involved in what’s happening as his office is starting to see more and more child trafficking cases.

Sheriff Richie Simmons told FOX8 there have been eight child trafficking cases in Davidson County since 2021.

They all either originated or started and ended in Davidson County. All the victims were brought back home safely to their families.

“We had one girl taken all the way down to Miami, Florida, where we located her. It’s very fortunate the gentleman who took her down there didn’t harm her. We were able to get her back. We had one out of Moore County involving a male child,” Sheriff Simmons said.

Sheriff Simmons can list case after case of child trafficking he has seen in Davidson County just in the last few years.

“There have been more since then. Those are just some that are flamboyant where they took someone away. We work in these cases day in and day out.” he said.

The most recent case involved Jorge Camacho. Deputies say the 34-year-old abducted a 13-year-old girl from Dallas, Texas.

He lured her in through her online gaming account.

Days later, law enforcement officials searched the property and found her locked inside a shed.

“In human trafficking, it’s easy to hide these kids…we were very blessed to find this girl alive,” Sheriff Simmons said.

As part of educating kids about the dangers of social media and online gaming, Sheriff Simmons wants to use the seven recently hired school resource officers to warn students about red flags

“I require my SROs to be relational building to the kids that they are to protect, but they are there to help them and teach them. It starts at home. It goes to teachers then to law enforcement,” he said.

He says a forensics lab has helped solve some of these cases. He wants parents to do their part so their child doesn’t become the next victim.

“A long as they are out here, we’re going to be out here. Were relentless. We’re going to come after them and stop them. I know there’s one less predator out here now, and he’s sitting in my jail,” Sheriff Simmons said.

Sheriff Simmons wants parents to get involved in some of the programs he offers for kids including the Teenage Alcohol Marijuana Education program.

He says parents are welcome to sit in and learn the red flags when it comes to their children communicating with someone online or through a gaming account.