Davidson County residents worried about coyotes in area

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DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. — Several people in Davidson County say they’ve spotted coyotes in their neighborhood on numerous occasions.

“You can hear them off in a distant or you can see them just running through your backyard,” resident John Walker said.

Neighbors along N.C. 150 and Clay Street told FOX8 the wild animals roaming around are close to their home.

“My grandchildren like to go outside and play on their swing sets and now I’m scared even though I’m out there with them. What’s to say one won’t come up and attack them before I can get to them. That’s a scary thought,” Hollie Walker said.

Other neighbors mentioned they hear coyotes howling at night but they’ve never been approached by them.

“It’s mostly in the middle of the night, you know, when I walk outside sometimes to check on the animals and stuff, you can hear them out there yelling and stuff,” Nathan Weatherman said.

John Deal, a North Carolina wildlife expert, has trapped several coyotes, which requires an NC permit to do. Typically, when a coyote sees a human they will watch them for a while and then go away.

“I recommend anybody encountering one make a lot of noise and be aggressive toward them — not necessarily running up toward them, but they get the idea that that predator is bigger than me and I’m going to lose this fight,” Deal said.

If you’re having problems with coyotes, like bothering your farm animals or pets, experts suggest you contact the NC Wildlife Commission.

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