Davidson County neighbors angry after their mailboxes keep getting vandalized

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DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. — Mailbox vandalism isn’t anything new. But in Davidson County, homeowners have had to replace their broken mailboxes multiple times.

In rural Davidson County, black, white and brown mailboxes line the roads.

Some of them on Georgetown Road, like Hal Swaim’s, are bent and broken.

“This is from the last damage, where they hit it and messed up this hinge so bad,” Swaim said. “I think they were just driving up the road and slinging granite rocks at mailboxes.”

He’s found his mailbox damaged twice, just over the past couple of weeks.

He showed FOX8 the big granite rocks he found lying in the grass right next to the mangled mailboxes.

“The last one was May 27. It got take out by a vandal…it pretty well bent it off the post. I had to reattach it,” Swaim said. “I banged it back out with a hammer and got it where I could close the lid.”

But that didn’t last long.

“It lasted two weeks. Then the vandals hit it again with another granite rock,” Swaim said.

Swaim is fed up.

“I’d like the vandals to get caught, so I can put up a good mailbox,” Swaim said. “And from what I hear from the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office, it’s not just me. It’s up and down the road.”

And it’s not only his road.

Three miles away, on Horneytown Road, there’s more damage.

“I woke up and my mailbox was laying out in the front yard and a big, huge rock was laying about a foot away from it,” one woman said.

She didn’t want to show her face on camera, but she showed FOX8 her mailbox.

It was broken beyond repair.

“I knew they had knocked my neighbor’s down like two nights before,” the woman said. “I just had to buy a new one and have my neighbor put that one up for me.”

She’s hoping the vandals will get caught soon.

“I think the kids should stop being so silly and doing mean things like this,” she said.

FOX8 checked online and saw that a replacement mailbox and post can cost upwards of $50.

Neighbors also expressed frustration about not only the monetary cost but the cost of their time to install a new mailbox or having to ask for help.

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