Davidson County deputy hit by car while directing traffic outside school says he's 'doing fine'


Josh Yarborough (credit: Kearney’s Drive-In)

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LEXINGTON, N.C. -- Deputy Josh Yarborough wants everyone to know he is "doing fine" after he was hit by a car while directing traffic outside Churchland Elementary School on Monday.

Kearney's Drive-In on 505 Southbound St. posted a picture of Yarborough to their Facebook page.

The post says says "Josh Yarborough, recently injured in the line of duty, wants everyone to know he's 'Doing fine!'"

FOX8 spoke with Yarborough who said he keeps thanking God that he is still here and things were not worse.

He has a broken arm, swollen knee, broken knuckles and a broken finger.

He says the support he's gotten has been amazing.

The parents who stopped to help when he was hit were nurses, which he says he's thankful for.

When he was hit, he says his training kicked in, and he started to get up to find out what was going on.

A deputy then told him to stay down, and he knew the situation was OK.

Yarborough tells FOX8 he was more worried about the kids and what they saw.

He says he has vivid dreams about what happened, but he isn't sure if the dreams are his memories or what people told him happened.

Josh Yarborough (credit: Kearney's Drive-In)

Students at Churchland Elementary School spent Monday afternoon creating cards for Yarborough.

State Highway Patrol says around 7:45 a.m., he was directing traffic when a 2015 Ford passenger car hit him while heading north on N.C. 150.

“He’s always got a smile on his face. He waves at the kids when we come in, throws his hands up when we’re pulling out,” said parent Ariel Davis.

Judy Riley was feet away from the collision and says parents ran to help the deputy.

She said he was disoriented and had an injured arm.

“He finally did start talking to us," Riley said. "It wasn’t coherent talking, but it was ‘What’s going on?’”

Deputy Yarborough was taken to a hospital. He has since been released and is recovering but may need surgery at a later date.

Parents tried to get students in the building quickly as EMS responded.

“We had our school counselor and social worker talking with students to make sure everyone understood he was OK,” said Principal Keri Lovell.

Riley said that some drivers take the curves on N.C. 150 too quickly.

“They come flying past. They don’t care. Your car will just rock. They don’t slow down. They don’t care. They’re just trucking it through there," Riley said.

Parents hope the crash urges drivers to slow down before the school zone.

“What’s the chance a kid doesn’t take off running from the school? It could happen, and these are our children,” Riley said.

Troopers say Dorothy Walser, 91, of Linwood, stopped at the scene.

She was charged with failure to reduce speed.

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