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LEXINGTON, N.C. — After a weeks-long custody battle, the children of a Davidson County man who was killed Aug. 2 will return to Ireland under the custody of their aunt and uncle.

Jason Corbett, 39, originally from Ireland, was killed in his Davidson County home. He left behind his second wife, Molly Corbett, and his two children, Sarah and Jack.

Davidson County sheriff’s deputies have not made any arrests but said they are not looking for anyone outside the home.

The children’s biological mother had died years prior. Court papers reveal that Corbett never consented for his second wife, Molly, to formally adopt the children.

Court papers also show that in Corbett’s will, he expressed his desire for Jack and Sarah to return to Ireland should he die.

Molly Corbett nonetheless sought to adopt the children, as her attorney said she was the “only mother they had ever known.”

Jason Corbett’s sister, Tracey Lynch, and her husband, David, came to the U.S. upon Corbett’s death to attend custody hearings, hoping to formally adopt the children.

With the ruling by Davidson County Clerk of Superior Courts Brian Shipwash, the Lynch family has expressed relief and gratitude to fulfill their late relative’s wishes.

“The kids will be back soon!!” they posted to the Facebook page, “Bring Jack and Sarah Home.”

Ruling by Davidson County Clerk of Superior Courts Brian Shipwash: