Davidson College student invites Star Wars actress to school dance

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DAVIDSON, N.C. — A Davidson College freshman has invited Star Wars actress Daisy Ridley to a school dance.

Kevin Carlock created a music video to invite her to the Davidson College spring formal. Carlock  is on the school’s golf team and created the video with some of his golf buddies.

“I am asking her simply for fun, though I think this is a win/win situation all-around: healthy publicity for Davidson College, a fun opportunity for my friends and I, marketing for Star Wars, momentum for Daisy Ridley’s fans, and just a fun story in general,” Carlock told FOX8.

Carlock called himself a “huge Star Wars fan” and said the newest movie is his favorite of the seven Star Wars films. “I’ve seen it four times so far,” he said.

“I watched a few of the interviews and press conferences on YouTube after the movie was released, and I really admired Ms. Ridley’s humility and authenticity. She seems like a cool person and I would love to meet her (I have no romantic interest whatsoever, contrary to what I feel like is the common assumption).”

“The ultimate goal is to bring Ms. Ridley to the event, but I would be completely content with any form of reply or contact. I have no reason to believe that she has seen my video yet, so that’s what I’m working on right now.”


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