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GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Five days before a woman was found dead, she sent her father a text that read, “If something ever happens to me, Pablo J. Johnson … did it! I love u.”

Eukelia Davis was found dead on the bedroom floor of an apartment in Florida on Thursday, GCFL reports. Police first became suspicious around 1:30 p.m. after a call from a mental health counselor who claimed Johnson told them he “got into a fight with a female and she has not moved since last night.”

When officers arrived at the apartment, they went inside and found Davis lying on the floor. She had a gun next to her with three gunshot wounds, one in each arm and another in the center of her back.

After police found Johnson at a local hospital and brought him in for questioning, he said that he and Davis had been dating for four years and the relationship had become increasingly violent.

He also said the shooting happened after Davis hit him in the eyebrow, so he told her to leave. When she grabbed his bag, he shot her.

Johnson has been charged with first-degree murder.