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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Drones have been used for everything from military operations to shooting video of fireworks.

Now a father in Knoxville, Tenn., is using a drone as a nanny cam.

Chris Early is using a drone to literally hover over his daughter on her way to school.

Early’s unique use of a drone has people asking how far is too far?

A few weeks ago Early’s 8-year-old daughter, Katie, asked if she could walk to school on her own.

“She said you’re not going to come watch me, but I had another idea,” Early told WVLT.

Early, who owns a video production company decided to use his drone to take video of Katie on her way to school.

He told WVLT, “I could see other people looking up and I’m sure Katie was just like, ‘Aw it’s my dad.'”

Katie said she doesn’t mind the drone but some think her dad is being overprotective.

“It was a way to keep eye on her make sure she was looking both ways,” Early told WVLT. “I let her know that dad is always watching.”

If approved by the FAA, Early will also use his drone for filming commercials.