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GREENSBORO, N.C. — The state food code is putting Joymongers in Greensboro on a tight leash.

Joymongers announced on Facebook that dogs are no longer allowed inside the taproom.

They say the Guilford County Health Department served them a written warning about potential violations.

“We just informed them of the law. That’s what we have done. We’ve explained to them the law says you can’t do this,” said David Foust, the Guilford County Environmental Health Program Manager.

The state food code lumps tap rooms and public bars in with restaurants even if they do not serve food.

A big concern in the code is the multi-use glassware.

“That’s really the only reason we are in this specific type of brewery or bar is the glassware,” Foust said.

Justin Sergent enjoys taprooms across Greensboro with his dog Clark, including Joymongers.

“Clark’s favorite place is actually going to the breweries and taprooms here in town,” Sergent said.

Sergent is skeptical of the current regulations.

“You know I guess if I thought it was in the best interest of the citizens, the community, I guess I could understand it, but it really doesn’t seem like that’s the case,” said Sergent.

Foust says they are not opposed to change.

“We are actually working towards that direction. We would like to have that law changed,” Foust said.

The only exception to the rule is for service animals, otherwise dogs are limited to the patio.