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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — It’s only been about one week since a controversial billboard went up on Business 40 in Winston-Salem which states, “Real men provide. Real women appreciate it.”

It’s a billboard Molly Grace says sends the wrong message.

“The very notion that there should be a man to provide and that no matter what a woman should just plain accept it and appreciate it, is a sexist comment,” said Grace, who is an outspoken critic against the billboard.

Grace organized a protest at Merschel Plaza on Sunday where dozens of people made their own billboard signs using bed sheets.

But now she is taking it a step further.

“It’s moving past Winston-Salem,” Grace said. “We’re trying to make this a big part of the women’s movement.”

Grace started a voting website with potential slogans for a new billboard.

“’Real men appreciate women,’ things like that,” she said. “’Real men fight sexism, real women appreciate it,’ that sort of thing.”

The best one will go up on a new billboard which Grace and other organizers are raising money for through a crowdfunding website.

“So far we’ve raised just about $3,000,” Grace said.

She’s also organizing a community panel in April to discuss the billboard, leaving an open invitation to the person who put up the message.

“We want them to come and explain why they think the way that they do and try to shed some light on it for us,” she said.