LOWELL, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – Lowell and Gaston County police spent hours poring over evidence of a crash at Redbud Drive and Wilkinson Boulevard.

The multi-vehicle accident occurred at 7:09p on Thursday; Nikki McCaskill was working at a local car dealership.

“It just turned into the wrong situation that fast,” said McCaskill.

Investigators say they are still piecing together what exactly occurred.

When police arrived, a man was suffering from a gunshot wound; police say 52-year-old Jose Quinones died at the scene.

McCaskill says Quinones was going to check on people involved in the crash.

“We see the door, he goes to open the door, he falls,” added McCaskill. “So, I’m like he pulled that door hard. Well, the customer is standing there because I’m appraising her vehicle. The customer standing there says, no, I think he got shot because we hear the boom, but it is so much noise and commotion and smoke and everything. You’re not thinking wreck or shooting; you’re thinking just an accident.”

Police arrested a juvenile at the scene. Because of the suspect’s age, police will not release their identity, but they charged the teen with 2nd-degree murder.

“To see it and then see someone get shot, then you see them come put the tarp. Everyone was what did I just witness, what did I just see.”

McCaskill and employees are still processing what they witnessed, and she says if you haven’t, hug your loved ones tight.

“Kiss your loved ones before you leave,” added McCaskill. “Make sure that you live every day like it’s your last day.”