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KERNERSVILLE, N.C. — Chris and Christina Yarbrough are looking for a new place to worship after being banned from their church through their pastor’s Facebook post.

For more than three years, the couple attended The Bridge Fellowship where Chris served as a deacon.

But that changed Thursday when senior pastor David McGee posted a Facebook status banning the couple along with two other members.

McGee writes:

“We are defellowshipping them. . . this means they cannot come to The Bridge, they are no longer welcomed at The Bridge unless they repent.”

The pastor does not specifically state what the former members did wrong but later writes:

“I will block them because Jesus and the word tell me to, and I don’t want to hear the gossip and lies anymore.”

The Yarbrough’s say the post was the first time they were asked to leave the church and were never spoken to directly about no longer being members there.

“I feel that it was wrong,” Christina said. “I feel more abused and hurt by the church because why didn’t you come to us first.”

Christina says the couple stopped tithing to the church a year ago and instead gave money to other ministries and nonprofits, a decision she claims caused tension between the couple and church leaders.

“The only issue that they had they’d ever come to us about is tithing,” she said.

“If it’s not on your heart to give 10 percent to them, that’s not arguing or being disobedient to them.”

FOX8 reached out to Pastor McGee through two Facebook messages and two voice messages.

McGee has not commented.