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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — A scary road rage incident turned violent for a young couple traveling down a state highway.

The couple, Natalie Ashby and Cory Combs, were headed home from work on the night of July 5 when a truck nearly hit them on U.S. 158 in Guilford County.

“It was uncalled for for that stuff to happen. We were merely minding our own business and on the way home,” said Ashby.

Ashby said a man driving a truck pulled out in front of their car right by Gene’s Early Times Bar in Stokesdale almost causing a collision.

“I jerked the wheel to the right, pulled the e-brake, spun the car into the bar parking lot,” Combs said. “By the time I stopped, pulled the e-brake down, I was facing the direction that we were coming from. I followed them to get the tag number.”

That’s when Natalie immediately called 911 to report the alleged reckless driving. Moments later the couple said the driver and the passenger of vehicle got out of their car and punched the driver’s side window out causing the glass to shatter everywhere.

“The driver had a gun and he reached like this, had his left hand behind his back,” said Combs.

Ashby said, “He came around, proceeded, left hand behind his back, took his right fist, punched the driver`s glass out. Him and the passenger proceeded to walk back to the truck and he got down and ended up pointing the firearm towards my boyfriend who was driving back to me.”

The couple shared pictures of the aftermath.

“I was screaming on the phone, ‘He`s got a gun. He`s got a gun,’ and that`s when we ended up leaving and pulling off Coldwater Road back onto 158,” said Ashby.

The couple says they were shocked to know someone would do this. And they just want both the driver and passenger caught and held accountable.

“I`m hoping the suspects get apprehended. I hope we get justice. Like I said I’m just glad we`re alive,” said Combs.

FOX8 reached out for additional details regarding this case from the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office but they could not provide more information than what was on the incident report.