County lays out plans to re-open Yadkin Valley Community Hospital

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YADKINVILLE, N.C. — Yadkin County Commissioners say they are doing everything in their power to get the currently-closed Yadkin Valley Community Hospital re-opened.

On Friday, the company which was operating the hospital — CAH Acquisitions 10, LLC — shut down the hospital. They were under contract with the county to continue operations there until July 31, 2015.

“It’s sent my anxiety levels through the roof. I’ve been on edge ever since,” said Emily Osborne, a former registration clerk at the hospital.

A spokesperson for the company claimed that they shut down the hospital because they were evicted by the county.

“No eviction has ever been filed and would never be filed. Because they had a legal obligation to stay here until July 31, 2015,” said Ed Powell, Yadkin County Attorney, during a special meeting on Tuesday.

The commissioners say that the original contract between the county and the company had been amended three times, in an attempt to financially aid the company.

CAH Acquisitions 10, LLC had filed for bankruptcy in 2011.

“So when they say we have an unwillingness to negotiate reasonable terms that is a falsehood” said Kevin Austin, chairman of the Yadkin County Commissioners.

Powell says that CAH Acquisitions operates multiple hospitals, and that each one is operated under a separate company, hence the “10” at the end of the Yadkin Valley Community Hospital’s operator’s name.

After the amendments were made, the county says CAH Acquisitions 10 tried to force them into playing millions of dollars for the company to continue their operations. The county says the company also wanted to operate rent-free.

“I think their end game was to get right where we are today — try to force us into doing something ridiculous,” Austin said.

The county says they have a meeting with the state this week where they will attempt to retain the license for the hospital, which they hope to have done by Thursday.

They also say there is a court date set for Monday, where they hope the judge will file a permanent restraining order against the company, which had a temporary restraining order filed against them on Friday when the county attempted to keep the company from shutting down the hospital.

A representative for the law firm representing the county says the judge will consider wrongdoing against the county and its citizens when making his decision.

Commissioners also told the citizens they are still in talks with Hugh Chatham, in the hope they will take over the hospital operations.

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