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TALBOT COUNTY, Md. — A Confederate monument is staying put for now after a vote from a county council in Maryland, WBAL reports. 

It’s called the Talbot Boys statue, and it’s in a county by that same name. 

The statue has been sitting in its spot on the courthouse lawn for over 100 years. 

The NAACP has been trying to get the monument removed. 

Frank Divilio and Chuck F. Callahan are on the Talbot County Council.

“I’m committed to move forward with a plan, a committee and a ballot question so we can put this issue to rest with a full public input at the nearest possible election,” Divilio said. 

“This isn’t the time to be voting on this,” Callahan said. 

Protesters rallied outside the council meeting. 

The measure still failed three to two. 

Another protest is planned for Saturday.