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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — As we enter week three of an unprecedented medical crisis, a local church group reminds us to look the for the good. For the Salvation Army, that silver lining came Thursday in the form of a Costco employee.

The church circle was buying a lasagna dinner for homeless families in need. As the women were about to pay the bill, the cashier took out his own card and paid the $77.55 bill.

“Six or seven containers of lasagna. Four or five bags of salad and some bread,” said Anna Steele, who regularly volunteers for the Salvation Army.

Her church circle was grocery shopping for the Center of Hope, a homeless shelter for families in Winston-Salem. As they were checking out, the cashier stopped them.

“He said, ‘I want to pay for it.’ I said, ‘No my circle’s paying for it, it’s covered.’ He said, ‘No I want to pay for it,’ and he put his card in and he paid for it,” Steele said.

The cashier’s name is Patrick. His manager told FOX8 it’s no surprise that he paid the bill.

“It was so, so very nice of him to that and he’s never heard of the Center of Hope,” Steele said.

It’s a good deed, that Steele says, will keep on giving.

“These people have no place to go and like so many organizations the Salvation Army has no money right now. They are in desperate straits and their big fundraiser was canceled in May,” Steele said.

Her church group is using the leftover money to buy dinner for the shelter this week.