Winston-Salem man participating in COVID-19 vaccine trials


WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — A Winston-Salem man is participating in the COVID-19 trial vaccine.

Jay Callahan heard about trials in the area and decided to participate in it as a way to give back during this global pandemic.

“I feel like a vaccine is going to help us get back to we’re open in society,” said Callahan.

Callahan took a selfie inside of the clinic moments after he received his first of six shots. This is a two-year period where participants will undergo a series of shots and antibody testing.

“They’re doing about 150 trials in our area and 30,000 trials around the world so I signed up and met the criteria they needed and so I went in and had a COVID test first and then they gave me the shot,” said Callahan.

During the research, participants will be monitored for any symptoms similar to COVID-19 symptoms like headaches and fevers. Callahan says he’s not too worried or concerned about undergoing this process.

“There’s a 50% chance that I’ll have the vaccine and a 50% chance that it’s a placebo,” said Callahan.

His family supports this decision. While he understands the risk that comes with participating in a study so new to the medical society, with his wife in the medical field, he wanted to find a way to help others.

“I felt like she’s giving back by her work to help fight COVID, and so what could I do in a small way to help fight and hopefully find a vaccine that works,” said Callahan.

Jay’s not the only person in his family participating in the study. His 70-year-old mother is doing the trial and was one of the first people in his family to do so. So far, both are doing well.

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