‘We can just focus on our job’: Triad police, deputies breathe sigh of relief as their vaccine group comes up


RALEIGH, N.C. — Starting Wednesday, all frontline essential workers in Group 3 will be eligible for the vaccine in North Carolina.

The accelerated timeline follows the anticipated arrival of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine and an expected increase in the state’s supply overall.

The wait for their spot for the shot is over for frontline workers, including local law enforcement officers who have been face-to-face with the public throughout the pandemic.

“Now, once again, we can just focus on our job and not someone coughing or sneezing,” said High Point Lt. Matt Truitt.

Lt. Truitt says it’s a relief for officers whose job is to interact with the community daily.

“It’s helpful for everybody, not just us as officers, but also for the people that we come in contact with,” said Lt. Truitt.

Next door in Forsyth County, Sheriff Bobby Kimbrough expressed gratitude for the opportunity to receive the vaccine.

He put out a statement saying, “We realize the importance of the vaccine and are very grateful for the opportunity to receive it. In this critical time in our society, my prayers are that all who wish to receive the vaccine have the opportunity to receive it.”

One of his deputies said the shot allows them to take better care of themselves and those they serve.

“Over the past year, we’ve been worried about, ‘Oh Lord, am I going to get sick? Am I putting my family at risk?’ Having the vaccination, it definitely eases my mind a little bit and helps me focus on the task at hand,” said Forsyth County Deputy Jesse King.

Group 3 also includes people who work in-person in manufacturing, grocery stores, government workers and others.

With three COVID-19 vaccines now available it will help speed up the process to protect those who are committed to keeping us safe.

“Whatever one you can get that’s what you need to take, that’s probably the best advice that I can give to really anybody, our officers, and the community. Whatever you can get, I would take it,” said Lt. Truitt.

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