We asked what motivated FOX8 viewers to get vaccinated. Here’s what they told us!


HIGH POINT, N.C. (WGHP) — On Tuesday we asked on our Twitter and our Facebook page for viewers to sound off on what motivated them to get vaccinated.

We received over 1100 comments and replies to our questions!

COVID tests are hard to find right now due to the surging demand, but the supply of vaccines is outpacing demand.

The FDA’s recent full approval of the Pfizer vaccine and Cone Health begins to publish data about how their COVID patients’ breakdown between vaccinated and not, health officials hope that more people will feel comfortable getting vaccinated

From their families to their jobs to their own struggles with COVID, viewers had a myriad of reasons for getting (and in some cases, not getting) the vaccine.

Here’s a sampling of what viewers told us:


Because I lost many clients to Covid-19, and most died alone. If they were not alone, it was because hospital staff were present or they were able to FaceTime family. Making the decisions of vents, pressors, hemodialysis, etc., is not something anyone wants to go through. I know 30+ people who died, and over 125 who have had it. I have been a direct exposure multiple times. I am happily vaccinated and will take the booster next month. I have not had it or tested positive. 1st dose in December.


Because 1st off our daughter has a rare disease and is immune compromised. 2nd my wife is high risk as well as my parents. 3rd and most importantly it’s just caring about other people and doing the absolute right thing.


My husband & I have seriously weakened immune systems from medical issues. We want to be around with our families & friends.


I rode the fence for a long time. I had covid in January and still having after affects. When this delta kept getting worse and my family was asking me why not I told that I was afraidI have took both shots now and glad I did.


I know ppl that have had it. I personally know 4 that have died from COVID. My mom still has panic attacks if she has trouble breathing. My son had COVID in December and it was frightening seeing my child that sick. While we all have to die, I guess I don’t want to be the reason someone’s life is taken so soon.


We both got the vaccines because our brother in law died with Covid. Many friends have also died. We should do whatever we need to do to protect ourselves. I love my family and want to be here with them.


If I or my family get sick, I wanted to be able to know I did everything I could for myself.


In my opinion, the possible benefits outweighed the possible risks. Not everyone agrees with this stance, and I wouldn’t try to force them to.


Because this hateful virus took the life of my brother-in-law, Larry Lasley. He was a healthy 63 year old. I saw what it did to him and I want to do whatever I can to keep it from robbing us of more of our loved ones.

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