Viral video of partygoers crowding together at Independence Day celebration draws backlash


DIAMOND LAKE, Mich. — An Independence Day party drew backlash as video spread showing the crowd packed tightly together at Diamond Lake, WOOD reports.

“People hate us. We’re getting a lot of threats and a lot of negative feedback,” said Keith, one of the party organizers who did not want to be identified by his last name.

He said they have received messages from people who say they hope that he dies or gets sick.

In the video from Saturday, the crowd dances in the lake without social distancing or face masks.

The organizer says he is skeptical that the party will spread the virus.

“We say, I mean, we’ll find out in a couple of weeks,” he told WOOD. “I have minimal worries. Yeah, it could’ve spread the virus, but it also could not have spread the virus.”

Meanwhile, however, experts are say the chances of viral spread at an event like this is high.

“A number of studies show up to 40% of people infected with COVID-19 have little to no symptoms, so they may have no idea they’re sick but still capable of transmitting diseases to other people,” Spectrum Health Infectious Disease Division Chief Dr. Russell Lampen told WOOD.

The organizer said they did tell people about the dangers and some people, who were not shown on the video, were social distancing.

“We did make some announcements warning not to get too tight and close to each other, but the young kids want their freedom and have fun,” he said.

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