Triad grocery stores step up sanitation; more shoppers in masks

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Spraying down carts, sanitizing hands and staying six feet apart.

It’s the new normal when out running an errand. Target and Trader Joe’s stepped up the sanitation process Saturday. 

Registered nurse Tony Salame has been wearing a mask out for the last few weeks, especially when grocery shopping. 

“We have no idea who has had it and gotten better. Who hasn’t had it at all. Who’s been exposed and their immune system kicked it,” Salame said. 

John Maher agreed. He went the extra mile and wore protective gloves while out shopping. 

“We’re all in this together, and we need to protect each other,” Maher said.

Some even made their own masks like Carol and Bob Ingram.

“Mine’s just an elastic band with a handkerchief over it. It’s not a fancy mask,” Carol said.

Those who chose not to wear a mask still had a form of protective gear like a pair of plastic gloves.

“I don’t want to touch everything in the grocery store that everyone else has touched,” said shopper Sophia Haarlow.

The days of stockpiling are coming to an end as stores replenish toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Trader Joe’s employees tell FOX8 the store got extra toilet paper from local Hilton hotels.  

“I think the peer pressure of social distancing and staying in and staying at home is starting to sink in,” Salame said.

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