Some Triad families await FDA announcement on third COVID shot for immunocompromised people


(WGHP) — Some Triad families are awaiting an announcement from the Food and Drug Administration that could authorize a third vaccine dose for immunocompromised people.

Wake Forest Baptist Health Infectious Disease Expert Dr. Christopher Ohl said Thursday he anticipates an announcement soon, with more details from The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices Friday.

“It seems like everyone wants one and some people are going out to find ways to get them outside of the usual systems,” he said about booster shots. “I don’t really encourage that for healthy people, it doesn’t really seem like we need a booster right now.”

He explained that for immunocompromised people, the shot would not be a booster but part of their series.

“This will mostly be people who have blood malignancies, that’s a cancer, blood cancer, multiple myeloma, people who have immunosuppression for inflammatory conditions like lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease and people who have solid organ transplants,” Ohl said.

Guilford County seventh grader James Mandrillo is a Lyme disease patient who had two doses of the COVID vaccine already. He said he will take the third dose too if eligible.

“As long as it can help people and make people a lot more safe, I think it’s a great idea,” he said.

The 12-year-old doesn’t know if his condition will be on the approved list for another dose but says it would make him feel more comfortable as he gets ready to re-enter the classroom this fall.

“Feeling a little better, I know it’s going to be a little unusual cause of COVID, we’re all going to have to wear masks we’re probably going to have to eat lunch at our desks but I mean going back in person I think it will be good for social interaction,” he said.

Ohl said we should get more guidance from the ACIP Friday on what vaccine immunocompromised people should take if a third dose is approved.

He believes they will tell people to get another shot from the vaccine series they’ve already gotten.

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