Randolph County confirms third school with COVID-19 cases


RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C. — A third school in Randolph County is dealing with COVID cases. Southwestern Randolph Middle School parents and students were alerted Thursday afternoon.

Some parents told FOX8 they’re pulling their kids out of school, even though the people who were exposed to the virus cannot access campus for 14 days.

They are worried about their children’s health and how district leaders are going to keep students safe.

“Why are schools not being shut down and cleaned properly?” said Savannah Foland, a Southwestern Randolph Middle School parent.

Parents don’t think enough is being done to keep schools sanitary, even though students are being screened.

“They’re taking temperatures and asking questions to every student,” Foland said. She wants district leaders to make changes. “Maybe now Randolph County should reconsider and only do remote learning.”

Friday, there were plenty of people on campus at Southwestern Randolph Middle, but that may not be the case on Monday.

Two of Foland’s son’s teachers announced they will be working from home.

Diane Hunt has kept her seventh grader at home this year.

“Me and her talked about it. She wanted to stay home, so I’m like I’m going to keep her home until it’s over with,” Hunt said.

“I feel like we could’ve at least known what grade it was in or maybe what part of the school,” Foland said.

FOX8 spoke with parents off-camera who are proud of how Randolph County school leaders are handling the outbreaks and want in-person learning to continue. We did ask the superintendent if these new cases would change anything. He said the district will continue with the current plan and follow CDC guidelines.

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