New York Governor mandating 100% of workforce to stay home, excluding essential workers


NEW YORK — New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Friday afternoon he will sign an Executive Order mandating that 100% of the workforce must stay home.

The Executive Order will not apply to essential workers who work in pharmacies and grocery stores, Governor Cuomo said.

“We need everyone to be safe, otherwise no one can be safe,” Cuomo said.

“So we’re going to put out an executive order today: New York state on pause: Policies that Assure Uniform Safety for Everyone.”

Civil fines and mandatory closures for businesses that don’t comply with the new mandate will be enforced, Cuomo announced.

“These provisions will be enforced,” he said. “These are not helpful hints. This is not if you really want to be a great citizen. These are legal provisions. They will be enforced. There will be a civil fine and mandatory closure for any business that is not in compliance. Again, your actions can affect my health. That’s where we are.”

Late Thursday, California Gov. Gavin Newsom ordered the state’s nearly 40 million residents to stay home, the first statewide mandatory restriction in the United States to help combat the outbreak.

The two states have a combined population of nearly 59 million people, meaning the two orders affect nearly 18% of the total US population.

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