Mark Wahlberg donates tablets to hospitals so COVID-19 patients can talk with loved ones


One of the hardest things about COVID-19 is that people who are sick have to suffer in isolation. 

Some even die without a final visit from loved ones. 

Modern technology can help, but not everyone can afford it. 

Mark Wahlberg is partnering with a Detroit business to overcome that barrier, WXYZ reports.

“It’s just a natural thing to be able to give, if we’re in a position to, but to really give thanks to all the brave men and women who are working there,” Wahlberg said. 

The Wahlberg Youth Foundation teamed up with Feldman Automotive to donate 1,100 tablets to the Beaumont Health System. 

Jay Feldman/Feldman Automotive: “I said, well, okay no problem. I’m happy to help. I love Beaumont, and it’s right in our backyard, and we’re happy to help and anything Mark does. I’m always happy to get involved,” said Jay Feldman with Feldman Automotive. 

He says it was important to connect with families.

“I had just seen everybody on TV talking about how their loved ones are in the hospital and they can’t be with them…when you’re in the hospital, you’re in an emergency,” Feldman said. “You want to be surrounded by somebody. You want somebody that’s an advocate. You want your family to be with you. The last thing you want is to be alone.”

Wahlberg says this donation is a way to give back to the workers he’s gotten to know during his previous visits to the hospital. 

“Once they say we can come there, I’m going to come there and give you guys a big hug and thank you in person,” Wahlberg said. 

Michigan is one of the states COVID-19 is hitting the hardest. 

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