Kroger announces $130M ‘Thank You Pay’ bonus for employees


Kroger announced Friday that the company will give “Thank You Pay” to employees.

Qualified full-time employees will be paid $400, and qualified part-time employees will be paid $200 to reward them for their hard work in keeping stores clean, safe and stocked amidn the coronavirus pandemic, the company says.

Kroger has announced it will pay qualified full-time employees $400 and qualified part-time employees $200 as part of as a reward for their dedication to maintaining clean, safe and stocked stores during the pandemic according to a news release issued Friday.

The “Thank You Pay” will be paid out in two installments on May 30 and June 18.

“Our associates have been instrumental in feeding America while also helping to flatten the curve during the initial phases of the pandemic. To recognize and thank our associates for their incredible work during this historic time, we offered special pay in March, April and May,” said Rodney McMullen, Kroger’s chairman and CEO.

Kroger also announced it is going to continue emergency leave for employees most directly affected by COVID-19 or experiencing related symptoms and providing paid time off.

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