Greensboro restaurants make adjustments to promote social distancing

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Coronavirus has several small businesses changing the way they serve their customers. 

The latest federal recommendation suggests limiting gatherings to 10 people or less in one place and has business owners trying to keep people safe but still provide a service. 

Green Bean on Elm Street posted a sign on their doors that read “Grab and Go” as in an effort to enforce social distancing as the coronavirus continues to spread. 

“People are really wanting to hang out but we’re really putting our foot down and just making them head out as soon as they have their coffee,” said Julie Hall, Green Bean barista. 

Inside of the usually-crowded coffee shop, tables and chairs were stacked and cornered off in the back of the business. Throughout the day several workers continued to sanitize several countertops. Customers came in sparingly throughout the day, grabbing their coffee and not sticking around for small talk. 

“I think this is the best option considering most businesses still need to make money and especially have their employees paid,” Joshua Webb, a frequent Green Bean customer. 

Several downtown businesses posted signs acknowledging the concern over the coronavirus outbreak and have either shut down completely or started offering curbside pick up. 

Liberty Oaks started its curbside service for customers on Monday. 

“If they don’t want to, don’t have to. They can just pull right up to the curb,” said Peter Jackson, assistant general manager at Liberty Oaks restaurant.

During this pandemic, they are also looking at the possibilities of delivering food if the nationwide separation continues for the next few weeks. 

Undercurrent Restaurant spent the latter part of the afternoon closed as they looked to devise a plan to offer other food options. Co-owner Wesley Wheeler posting an Instagram video unveiling the restaurant’s meal to-go service on Thursday. The restaurant will offer patrons meals they can purchase, pick-up curbside and easily warm up once they’re home. 

“What we really felt was is that the Greensboro community is going to need that, you know, with so many people and children out of schools and everything else, this could really provide a great option for them to get healthy and fresh meals,” said Wheeler.    

Undercurrent now offers paper menus, constantly sanitizes and no longer takes cash in an effort to prevent the spread of germs. They’re also thinking up ways to keep employees from losing out on desperately-needed pay. 

“There is going to be a Greensboro Strong service charge that is directly going to our tip employees first and trickle-down however it needs to,” said Wheeler. 

Several business owners tell us they’re trying to remain hopeful despite the pandemic. 

The Greensboro Chamber of Commerce has a list of businesses that have gift cards, delivery or pickup options on their website.

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