Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan commended by governor for enforcing COVID-19 mandates


GREENSBORO, N.C. — Gov. Roy Cooper commended Mayor Nancy Vaughan of Greensboro for her efforts to enforce COVID-19 mandates during a news conference Monday. 

Mayor Vaughan said, since Friday, they’ve visited 150 businesses that have had issues in the past with capacity and mask compliance. 

“Let’s do our part to keep business in business,” Vaughan said. 

Vaughan took center stage at the state capitol Monday. 

She was commended for enforcing mask mandates at businesses as well as capacity requirements. It’s a move a local business owner stands behind. 

“I think we should be imposing fines to anyone who is not adhering to the standards because it’s in everybody’s best interest, including the business owners,” said Stephen Monahan, co-owner of Little Brother Brewing Company. 

He agrees with Vaughan’s Friday decision to fine owners whose employees fail to wear masks.  

His bar and eatery doesn’t even allow people inside if they don’t have a mask-stopping people at the door. 

“We also have air filtration as well, but we’re kind of sacrificing a little bit of comfort to be the place that everybody knows 100% that they can be safe,” Mohahan said. 

He believes Guilford County is in the red zone for COVID cases in large part because there’s still a large group who refuse to wear masks. 

“We went through this period where the local government was kind of trusting everybody to do the right thing. In a lot of cases that just hasn’t been the case,” he said. 

With the governor and the CDC are urging people not to travel this holiday. Some are taking heed to his advice. 

“Normally we’d go visit family down on the coast, but now we’re staying home,” said Will Boothe who lives in Guilford County. 

He said it’s about thinking of more than just yourself this holiday season.  

Like Mayor Vaughan, he shares the fears of hospitals in the Triad becoming overwhelmed. 

“It scares me most that people are not taking it seriously, that people are really dying. I don’t think they’re not showing any empathy to people that really have it,” he said. 

If you do plan to visit family this holiday, health officials are asking you to eat outside, have one person handle the food and wear masks when you’re not eating. 

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