Davidson County inches further toward COVID-19 red zone


LEXINGTON, N.C. — A Triad county is inching further toward the COVID-19 red zone. Just this week, Davidson County moved from yellow to orange on the state’s COVID alert system, meaning there is substantial community spread and a 9 percent positivity rate.

“There are a lot of folks who are just choosing not to wear face coverings. It’s very easy to wear a face covering,” said Lillian Koontz, Davidson County health director.

It’s a problem Koontz believes is contributing to an increase in coronavirus cases.

She says those unmasked people have the potential to be super spreaders being in public and visiting local businesses.

“Face coverings seem to be the more widespread issue in different facilities,” Koontz said.

A mask mandate is something Red Donuts owner Saro Vay is serious about enforcing.

“You have to think about others. You don’t want to get other people sick,” Vay said.

He tells FOX8 he wants to do anything he can to keep his Lexington customers and staff safe by encouraging face coverings, using Plexiglas partitions and social distancing.

Vay shut down his business last spring and fears if the virus keeps spreading at a rapid rate it may happen again.

“I don’t like being shut down. Losing my business is scary,” Vay said.

FOX8 tried talking to people we saw without a face covering to see what they thought about the rising numbers of cases, while they didn’t want to be on camera they told us they weren’t concerned.

Kevin Curry on the other hand practices the three Ws.

“As you can see I wear a mask and I do wash my hands a lot and I use sanitizer. I do all the things you need to do,” Curry said.

Koontz wants people to feel empowered to do the right thing.

“I want our business leaders to feel empowered to remind folks when they come into their businesses, hey let’s help each other out. Let’s wear a face covering. Let’s wait five or six feet apart and things like that,” Koontz said.

Vay just wants the pandemic to end.

“I’ll do anything. Everything they recommend. I just want this over with. If I have to wear a mask, I just suck it up. Let’s get this over with. Let’s go back to normal,” Vay said.

Another problem county health officials are having is with people who go out when they don’t feel well. They think they have allergies or a cold and end up testing positive for COVID-19. Health officials caution if you don’t feel well, isolate.

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