Coronavirus sparks travel concerns; Greensboro AAA travel agent has advice before you cancel your plans

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — With travel plans around the corner, thousands of Piedmont families are considering placing their travel plans on hold due to concerns about the spread of the coronavirus. 

Time is a big factor in how travel companies, such as AAA, will respond to the ongoing global outbreak of the coronavirus. 

“The biggest concern we`ve seen have been people panicking and getting really worried that the coronavirus is going to affect their travel,” said Taylor Cope, Greensboro AAA travel agent. 

Like many other companies, AAA says they’re monitoring the virus and staying on top of the recommendations offered by the Centers For Disease Control. Travel agents at the Pisgah Church location say it really depends on where you’re going if you’re considering canceling any upcoming trips. 

“As of right now, the only place we are aware of that have high concentrations of people that are affected by the Coronavirus is also you know of places in Asia, China, and then also in northern Italy,” said Cope. 

If you have travel insurance through AAA, Cope says it also depends on the policy you chose regarding circumstances surrounding refunds. However, if you decide to cancel your trip due to fears of the coronavirus and you’re not going to a region that’s heavily impacted by the virus, it’s a slim chance you’d received any refunds on a trip. 

“If you want to cancel your trip based on fear of, you know, being affected by the coronavirus, there’s not as much wiggle room for that, and a lot of times you’re not going to get the coverage for it,” said Cope.  

Experts say the only way travelers would be able to get some sort of reimbursement on an insured trip would be if airlines or travel vendors decided to cancel trips because of the coronavirus. Under AAA’s various insurance police, those who planned a trip to China or other impacted areas before January 22, 2020, may still have coverage for a trip. 

“If the airlines, you know, if they start canceling trips because they don’t want their travelers to be affected by it, like a cruise line or something like that, then your travel insurance will give you that coverage because the supplier has canceled it,” said Cope. 

For more information on the CDC recommendations, check out the CDC’s coronavirus travel guide.

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