Coronavirus outbreak hits home for Elon University student when brother tests positive


ELON, N.C. — Kieran Unchemach and his family are warning others about the impact of the coronavirus.

Unchemach is a student at Elon University and his family lives in New Jersey.

“This is real. My family’s scared. I’m scared,” Unchemach said.

Early March, Unchemach’s brother Brendan spiked a fever of 103.

“You know he doesn’t get sick a lot so he was like, ‘I just need to drink Gatorade. I’ll be OK.’ And my parents were like, ‘No you have a fever over 100 you’re not OK,'” Unchemach said.

The fever did not break for days.

“Sources have said the seventh day is the worse day. He developed a cough, shortness of breath and my parents described it as he was having trouble breathing,” Unchemach said.

On March 20, Brendan found out he tested positive for COVID-19.

“Thankfully they had been quarantining since he developed symptoms,” Unchemach said.

Unchemach was forced to stay in his North Carolina campus apartment instead of going home to finish his classes online.

The university transitioned to remote learning on March 23.

“You know I called them every day for updates just to make sure he was OK,” Unchemach said.

Brendan is OK now, but this family went through several emotions during the process, including fear and frustration.

“I think the worst part about my family’s experience was the confusing information that was being pushed early on in this process,” Unchemach said.

It was also an eye-opening experience.

“Just seeing how quickly he could get it was kind of a reality check for me,” Unchemach said.

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