Cone Health’s Green Valley COVID Hospital in Greensboro hits record numbers


Note: Hospital officials mistakenly told FOX8 mistakenly that Green Valley had reached capacity. This has been corrected.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Cone Health’s Green Valley COVID Hospital hit a new record on Thursday morning, according to Cone Health.

With 82 cases at the Green Valley facility, the location got the closest it has yet to capacity, which is set at 116.

Parts of the building are not currently being used so it is possible to expand capacity at Green Valley if needed.

If this upward trend continues, Cone Health says they will have to prepare other spaces.

It is unclear if all of the patients at Green Valley are local or if they are coming from other zip codes.

In an interview with FOX8, Mandy Cohen, secretary of the North Carolina Department of Human Services, said that smaller hospitals tend to feed into the larger hospitals once they are filled.

“Places like in Guilford County have had a number of hospitals, right? But they are also the feeder for many surrounding counties as you well know,” Cohen said. “And so when smaller hospitals start to get strained or overwhelmed, they send their patients into some of the bigger hospitals. So we know that we have to be watching across the board. So that’s why we’re trying to give folks a sense of impact in every single county across North Carolina.”

The news comes as North Carolina’s daily new cases hit a new milestone on Thursday as 4,296 new cases came in, breaking the previous record of 3,885 new cases reported Saturday.

“I am very concerned,” Cohen said in a statement. “We are seeing warning signs in our trends that we need to heed to keep our family and friends from getting sick and ensuring our hospitals are able to care for those that have serious illness. We can do that if each North Carolinian wears a face mask over their mouth and nose anytime they are with people they do not live with; waits six feet apart and avoids crowds; and washes their hands often. We have reasons for hope. With promising news on vaccines, this pandemic will end. Until then, North Carolinians need to do what we’ve done throughout this pandemic — take care of one another.”

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