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THOMASVILLE, N.C. — High school yearbooks are getting reprinted after a photo with a Confederate flag showed up on the cover.

“I reported it to them and they immediately recalled all of the year books,” Thomasville High School senior JacQuez Johnson said.

It’s a yearbook with the theme “A Blast to the Past.”

Black and white photos cover the 2018-2019 Thomasville High School yearbook.

But the single colored photo, on the bottom right of the cover, slipped past several pairs of eyes before Johnson caught it.

“I had to look it over about three different times before I actually honed in seeing it,” he said. “Wow, what is this?”

At least 10 students already had their yearbooks before the school leaders took them back.

“It’s hurtful and harmful and it’s not representative of the community we are trying to build in schools,” Thomasville City Schools Superintendent Dr. Catherine Gentry said. “Or the community that these kids live in.”

Gentry sat down with FOX8 to discuss the concerning image.

“Regardless of your feelings or affiliations, there is a place for things. School is not the place for some things,” she said. “We need to make sure our students and our teachers are educated about cultural sensitivities around that symbol.”

Johnson hopes this situation becomes a learning tool.

“I really hope this opportunity gives us a chance to learn from and make better choices when we think about things like this,” he explains.

All of the yearbooks are being reprinted at no cost to students.

FOX8 is told everyone should have their yearbook before the school year ends, Friday, May 31.

Gentry says they are looking to improve checks and balances within the yearbook team.