Controversy brews over NC no-kill animal rescue’s decision to euthanize 2 dogs in its care



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ASHEVILLE, N.C. — An Asheville no-kill animal rescue is receiving death threats over its controversial decision to euthanize two dogs in its care, WLOS reports.

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue is dealing with a swarm of attacks Friday afternoon after announcing two of its longtime shelter dogs, Ferguson and Rhubarb, will be put down in the coming days.

“We are a no-kill facility,” said BWAR’s executive director, Leah Craig Fieser. “Which, nationwide, means that 90% or more that you take into your care have a live outcome. So there’s always going to be about 10% that we know are going to need to be euthanized for health or behavioral reasons.”

Protesters were gathered outside the rescue at noon. They said they do not want these animals put down, and they are worried that if they don’t take action now, more animals will be put down in the future.

Rich Nallenweg is a Brother Wolf volunteer who says he takes one of the dogs in question— Rhubarb— on hikes every week. He says she is a lovely animal, and he’s never had a problem with her when she is in his care.

Brother Wolf does not deny that Rhubarb is a lovely dog. But, they say, she has been in their care for over a year, is showing self-harming behaviors, and cannot be around other animals because of her aggression issues.

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