Controversial church sign angers Wake County mom


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WAKE COUNTY, N.C. — A Wake County mom is frustrated with a Raleigh church’s sign that reads, ” “Sex before marriage has killed a lot of babies.”

Jackie Wenzel told WTVD she had her kids in the car when she passed by Triangle’s Worshipping Church on Fayetteville Road and saw this message:

Wenzel isn’t bothered by the message of the sign, but she said the wording forced her to have a conversation with her young children that she wasn’t prepared to have.

“I make sure that they don’t watch certain television shows, the PG, PG-13 helps us to regulate what’s appropriate for them. On a public street there was no censorship there for me to be able to protect my children, and to avoid a certain situation where we were not ready to have that conversation,” Wenzel told WTVD.

Charles Young, the church’s pastor, said he plans on changing the sign, to convey the same message, but worded differently.

“We are a ministry that we do not support abortion, so, the message, is in regard to that. However the choice of words were pretty strong and I concur that the verbage could have been different,” Young’s daughter Angela Bevan said.

Young also said he’s hoping women that see the sign will get the message that the doors of the church are always open to come in for counseling as an alternative to getting an abortion.

Source: WTVD

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