Conservation officer shoots, kills cougar in Illinois


Cougar shot on farm in Illinois (Photo from Illinois DNR)

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ILLINOIS — An Illinois conservation officer shot and killed a cougar on a farm near Morrison, Ill. after it ran toward a farmhouse on Wednesday.

According to WQAD, farm owners reported seeing a large cat running from a corn field toward their home and outbuildings earlier this week.

A conversation police officer with the Illinois Department of Natural Resource found the cougar in a concrete tunnel beneath a corn crib.

After consulting with the farm owner’s wife and wildlife personnel, a spokesperson for the Illinois DNR decided the cougar should be euthanized.

The animal appeared to weigh more than 100 pounds and was almost 6-feet-long.

The officer used his service rifle to shoot and kill the cougar.

The DNR says cougars, also known as mountain lions, are not protected by Illinois Wildlife Code. Cougars found in Illinois are thought to be transient and no resident cougar population is believed to exist in the state.

Source: WQAD

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