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ROCKINGHAM COUNTY, N.C. — County Commissioners unanimously passed a resolution on Monday night, in support of returning the Confederate monument to the traffic circle in Reidsville.

The resolution is a gesture of support and has no legal standing.

The resolution came at the request of the Historical Preservation Action Committee, who are working to gain support after Reidsville city leaders decided not to return the monument to downtown.

The monument was erected in June of 1910 in memory of Confederate Veterans, but was damaged when it was hit during a traffic accident in 2011.

Since the accident, the monument has sparked controversy over ownership and debate over what it represents.

“150 years ago they stood for us,” said Diane Parnell with the committee that is working to gain local and state support to return the monument despite the debates.“Are they less a veteran because they fought in a now politically incorrect war?”

The committee believes the historical monument belongs to all the people and are working to get state preservation officials to help.

The monument was erected in the Reidsville Confederate cemetery, and has become the target of vandals.

The debate over ownership is currently being appealed in court.