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A Naples family could be out on the street, and they say it’s all over a confederate flag.

Genice Horta has lived in the Timberwood of Naples community for two years.

Last week she said her 15-year-old son – who is mentally disabled – put a confederate flag in his window.

“He doesn’t understand the controversy,” says Horta. “Fourth of July, Independence, he believed he was celebrating independence.”

She says the flag was up for an hour at most, but now her property managers, Moore Property Management, say she and her family need to go.

“I tried to get an answer from her (association manager) and her answer was ‘well last week you had a confederate flag up.'”

But on the letter of eviction, the company claims the family has been “notified numerous times regarding the breaking of the rules.”

Horta says she’s only had two minor incidents, both during the first month she moved in.

“I haven’t received a letter since then.”

We contacted the property management group, who had no comment.

We also spoke with the president of the homeowners association, who would not comment except to say the board examined her lease, and believed past violations are enough to evict her.

“All I asked for was proof of these various issues and I couldn’t get a straight answer.”
Horta just renewed her lease two weeks ago.

Now she has less than 30 days to find a new home.

“It’s not like everyday somebody gets thrown out because you put up a flag. I believe I’m owed an explanation.”

Horta has the right to apply for appeal, which would give her more time to fight for her home.