Concerns over drivers not yielding to pedestrians in Winston-Salem


Reed Fedowitz is on high alert when using the crosswalk on Long Drive and Polo Road.

“I’ve been close a few times but luckily I know to look out and watch where I’m going,” Fedowitz said.

Winston-Salem police say they are receiving complaints about drivers not yielding to pedestrians in that area. Sgt. Daniel Battjessays said it’s a dangerous situation that’s bound to get worse.

“I spoke with students in that area personally, those former students have noted that’s kind of a hazard area and all it takes is a bit of assistance on everyone’s part,” Battjessays said.

In 2019, police reported one pedestrian fatality in Winston-Salem. So far that number has gone up to four. Students said they blame distractions and a lack of visibility.

“When the cars are coming this way, you can barely see with the trees blocking it, the cars are coming around the corner,” Fedowitz said.

It is a situation Fedowitz hopes will change soon.

“This is such a big populated area with a lot of kids walking around. Maybe lowering the speed limit to get people to slow down,” Fedowitz said.

Drivers can visit to learn the dos and don’ts on when approaching a crosswalk.

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