Company seeking professional cheeseburger tester to track down best cheeseburger in US

Double cheeseburger with french fries (Getty Images)

Double cheeseburger with french fries (Getty Images)

Where is the best cheeseburger in the United States?

Finder Media wants to know, and they’re looking to hire a professional cheeseburger tester.

That means travelling around trying the best of the best. They offer a localized food and travel budget, as well as a $500 payment.

The quest comes in honor of National Cheeseburger Day, Sept. 18.

To apply for the gig, applicants must fill out the form by 12 a.m the morning of Sept. 28 and explain why they would be the best choice for job. The winner will notified by Sept. 30.

They say they’re looking for creativity.

The pro cheeseburger tester will need to be able to judge the burgers on a variety of criteria, including texture, seasoning, bun softness, sauce and more.

Finder Media adds, however, “If you’re on a diet, this job might not be the one for you.”

For the fine print, Finder Media says you must be 21 years old or older and must be a resident of the U.S. or Canada.

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