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GREENSBORO, N.C. — It’s a debate that finally made its way to Greensboro City Council Tuesday night.

“Mr. Matt Brown (Greensboro Coliseum managing director), why won’t you have multiple job fairs for people instead of gun shows?” asked a man who spoke during public input.

“Gun show or no gun show. NRA or no NRA. I’m here to stand up for the law abiding citizens of this community,” another said minutes later.

Tuesday night was the first time the floor was open for people to express how the felt about the gun and knife show set to come to Greensboro in August.

“Our mayor and our city council should not disparage or denigrate profitable events that draw large numbers of lawful visitors to Greensboro,” a member of the public said.

“For too long Greensboro has hosted an annual gun and knife show allowing people to take advantage of the gun show loop hole and bypass background checks here in our on city,” said a young lady.

This all started last month, after some city council members suggested the show be canceled in the wake of the shooting at a Parkland, Florida, high school back in February.

The city attorney followed by saying that council doesn’t have the power to cancel the show or ban the coliseum from holding it in the future.

Council opened up the discussion to the public Tuesday, addressing not only the event but topics like violence.

“We never said once that we should close down any of them, stop selling any sort of guns, but we do have the coliseum, it is a city sponsored building. For me it was our little thing that we thought that we could do,” Mayor Nancy Vaughn said.

Council passed a resolution after the forum that would give the proceeds from the event to the city’s gun stoppers program. FOX8 reached out the Greensboro Coliseum, however they decided not to comment.