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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — Guilford County deputies will move forward with evictions beginning May 29.

In the meantime, a community action agency is trying to keep people in their homes.

The Welfare Reform Liaison Project is offering emergency assistance to help qualified applicants become or maintain being current with rent and utilities.

The assistance is available to individuals and families who live in Guilford County.

Executive Director Bernita Sims worries that even stimulus and unemployment money alone are not enough for those at risk of being evicted.

“Let’s say I’m $600 rent a month and I’m three months behind, that’s $1,800 of whatever funds I’ve got coming in the household. In the meantime, I have children in the household that I’ve had to feed over and above what I normally would do,” Sims said.

WRLP is most concerned about the evictions in the pipeline prior to March 19.

Deputies will begin the padlocking process on those court judgements beginning next week.

The sheriff’s office provided a moratorium because of COVID-19.

However, WRLP also wants to hear from people who may have fallen behind in recent weeks.

The application is available on the agency’s website.

Once you complete it, a success coach will review it, request documentation and make sure you meet eligibility requirements.

If everything checks out, the team contacts landlords and utility companies to ensure they will take on the payment.

“We want to make sure we’re sort of standing in the gap helping those individuals navigate those waters,” Sims said.

If you live outside of Guilford County, contact the community action agency in your county for similar help.