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PHILADELPHIA — Comcast has done it again.

Consumer advocate, Christopher Elliott, blogged about three more complaints regarding Comcast “name-calling” on bills.

Last week he wrote about a customer’s name being changed to A-hole Brown after he canceled his cable service.

This week Comcast added insult to injury. Several customers reported their names being changed to “whore,” “dummy,” and “Fakoe Boz” on cable bills.

On Julie Swano’s December bill, her name was changed to “Whore” Julia Swano according to Elliott’s blog.

Another customer, Carolina Heredia reported her name was changed to “dummy” on her bill.

After the first incident, the Senior Vice President of Comcast, Charlie Herrin, addressed some of the billing issues in a blog post.

“We have apologized to our customer for this unacceptable situation and addressed it directly with the employee who will no longer be working on behalf of Comcast,” Herrin wrote.

He also said the company is looking into a number of technical issues that could prevent this from happening in the future.