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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A woman’s security camera picked up some footage, and it’s weird to say the least.

Vivien Gomez shared the video to Facebook of what appears to be someone or something walking on two legs in her driveway in the dark, but, from the way that it walks to the shape of its head, something isn’t quite right.

“So I woke up Sunday morning and saw this on my camera and am trying to figure out…what the heck??” she wrote. “First I saw the shadow walking from my front door then I saw this thing….has anyone else seen this on their cameras??”

She said her other two security cameras didn’t manage to catch a shot of the creature.

Posted last Thursday, the video has already gotten 157,226 shares and more than 48,000 reactions.

Any responsible skeptic would want to know more before jumping to conclusions, but even in an interview with Inside Edition, Gomez was unable to give any more explanation.

She said she has a 9-year-old son, named Bobby, but added, “I wouldn’t let him out at dark by himself.”

The camera’s programming allows it to capture only 10 second increments.

That’s why, as the creature reaches the end of the driveway, the feed suddenly cuts out.

Gomez says the video has not been altered and invites any to try to test the footage or review it for signs of alterations.