Colorado bear saved from storm sewer, wildlife office live-tweets rescue

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Oh bother.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s Southeast Region took to Twitter as officers began a rescue mission to save a bear stuck in a storm sewer.

The wildlife office sent out the first tweet, showing footage of the trapped bear, at 3:51 p.m. on Thursday.

Stakes to rescue the bear raised as rain continued to fall and drain into the sewer.

“Rescuing a bear from a storm drain is not as simple as it might seem,” the wildlife office tweeted. “@COParksWildlife officers are a trying (sic) to avoid handling the bear.”

The wildlife office further explained that, if officers handle the bear, they will need to give the bear an ear tag. That means that if wildlife officers has to handle the bear again in the future, they will be required to euthanize it.

No exit was clearly visible, so Colorado Springs utility workers made one by lifting a nearby manhole cover, providing an exit to the street.

If the bear can navigate its way to the manhole exit, officers knew the bear could return to its habitat without an ear tag.

Wildlife officers were poised with a shotgun loaded with non-lethal rubber slugs.

It only took a few minutes for the bear to find the way and pop its head out of the manhole.

Six minutes in, the bear finally climbed out of the manhole.

An officer shot off a rubber slug at the bear while other officers chased it away from the neighborhood.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers believe the bear may have gotten into the drain after a nearby, open garbage receptacle, packed with berry-filled branches, drew it into the area.

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