Colony of feral cats growing in Thomasville

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THOMASVILLE, N.C. — There’s a special kind of problem in Thomasville and there’s a debate on how to handle it.

It’s something that employees at one store tell FOX8 they haven’t seen until recently.

Getting ready for the day sometimes means checking out your car.

“Every time we come out, we check around all of our vehicles,” said Buddy Kellet, the store manager of Leisure-Thyme Rentals.

They take it a step further and pop the hood and check the engine.

When they checked one van with FOX8 cameras rolling, an orange cat made its way onto the engine block from under the car.

“These cats are able to get into places that we can’t see unfortunately,” Kellet said.

And it’s not just one or two.

“About 15 or more,” he said.

His employees are concerned for the cats’ safety, as they hide out from Animal Control, content with the food and water left for them.

“They’re not looking for human contact,” Mendi Busick said.

She says sending the cats to shelters is a bad idea.

“If Animal Control gets involved and they pick them up and they end up in a shelter, 99 percent of them never make it out of the shelter,” she said. “They’re not adoptable pets.”

Busick works with Feral Cats Assistance Program. They’ve had a few calls about the colony behind Leisure-Thyme.

They’ve also heard it’s growing.

“People see cats in the parking lot and they’re dumping, you know, cats they no longer water,” Busick said.

She’s now doing her part to help the problem.

“To get the colony 100 percent spayed and neutered which keeps the population down,” she said.

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