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CLEMMONS, N.C. – For more than four days we’ve been figuring out what went on inside a Clemmons home, before two bodies were found buried in the back yard.

And since they were found on Sunday, we’ve been watching the aftermath.

Yet, what took place there around the time the bodies were buried has only been told through brief descriptions on arrest warrants — until now.

One person, who claims to have been there around the time warrants say the bodies were buried, spoke with FOX8 about what it was like inside the home on Knob Hill Drive. We have concealed this person’s identity, and given the person the nickname “Paul.”

“When you walked in the first room, it was kind of blacked out, and the wallpaper had been peeled off. There was like scribbles, and scratches, and graffiti, and Arabic and Satan and swastikas,” said Paul. “It was a very, very thick environment. It was, it had a tenseness to it.”

Paul says that Pazuzu Algarad had a split tongue and sharpened teeth. Algarad is accused of killing a person and then burying the body in his back yard in July of 2009. He also allegedly helped his self-proclaimed wife, Amber Burch, bury a man she had killed in October of 2009.

“It was very serpentine. And his eyes would kind of get a little, like, glazy. Like almost not there, like the inner part of him would kind of phase away,” Paul said of the times that Algarad would seemingly transform into someone, or something else. “You could tell when his demons needed something from him, because they took over.”

Paul said that Algarad would speak as though he was possessed, in some sort of foreign language.

“He would start … like mumbling under his breath. It was jibberish to us, but I mean it was real words,” Paul added.

Paul also claimed that animal sacrifices happened regularly inside the home.

“About once a month, and it was usually on a full moon, they sacrificed at least one rabbit, and then he would eat the heart of it, and then burn the flesh of the rabbit,” Paul said.

Paul said the home smelled of wet dog, and that there were piles of dog feces in the living room. Paul also said there was one room —  the room firefighters smashed windows out of, and investigators wore HazMat suits into, that nobody, not even Amber Burch, was allowed into.

“There’s a whole realm that we’re not aware of, and I think that whole piece of land needs to be purified,” Paul said.

Investigators were still on scene Wednesday, more than four days after the bodies were discovered. They believe they are almost finished at the home. Forsyth County authorities have deemed the home unsafe for human life.

The bodies are yet to be identified, and deputies believe it could be about a week before they get an answer as to who was buried in the back yard of the home.

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