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ASHEBORO, N.C. — Democratic Congressional candidate Clay Aiken spoke to Randolph County Tea Party members Thursday less than two months before the Nov. 4 midterm elections.

The former American Idol star is running against GOP incumbent Renee Ellmers who has won the second district which covers most of Randolph and Alamance Counties for the past two terms.

Although the district is mostly known to favor conservative candidates, Aiken thinks voters will see past party lines.

“I think it’s insulting to imply that they are always voting for a party versus always voting for a person or a policy,” Aiken said.

“The second district is a population of independent minded voters.”

Aiken addressed issues he plans on tackling head on if elected like jobs, education and helping veterans transition into civilian life.

“We’ve got the strongest military in the world and then we abandon them once we have no use for them anymore,” he said. “That’s an embarrassment.”

Aiken and Ellmers will have their first debate in Pinehurst on Oct. 6.

Ellmers will also talk with Randolph County Tea Party members on Oct. 9.