JACKSONVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — A press conference took place Thursday in Jacksonville about a class action lawsuit on the Camp Lejeune toxic water cases.  

The firm filing the suit came to Jacksonville to discuss the details of the case and what they’re hoping to accomplish.  

“The groundwater Camp Lejeune was contaminated, extensively contaminated with toxic chemicals, including fuel, cleaning solvents, radioactive materials, and other chemicals,” said the director of Class and Mass Action Division at the Poulin, Willey, Anastopoulo Law Firm, Paul Doolittle. 

Some of the issues people experienced as a result of the toxic water included birth defects, infertility and several different types of cancers. When the Camp Lejeune Justice Act was passed in August of last year, victims were finally able to get justice for what they went through. 

“Thanks to the efforts of the legislative bodies, there is an avenue of recovery available for these individuals,” said Doolittle. 

Those affected had to file a claim with the Navy Judge Advocate General Department, and that Department had six months to act on it. 

“They can either act on that claim and try to resolve that claim with you or request information or simply do nothing. If they do nothing, and you don’t hear anything back from them, then you’re allowed after the end of that six-month period to file a lawsuit, specifically in the Eastern District, North Carolina,” said Doolittle. 

The Poulin, Willey, and Anastopoulo Law Firm were the first to file a lawsuit after the six-month period expired for the earliest claims. They said they have over 30 cases so far of people suffering from different diseases related to the toxic water. 

“We think this is going to be a growing litigation, which is going to take a lot of coordination effort amongst the plaintiff’s counsel and defense counsel and working with the court to bring speedy justice that’s been denied for 30 years, that we now look forward to bringing our day in court,” said Doolittle.  

The law firm added anyone who wants information regarding filing claims and lawsuits should reach out to them directly. You can find their information here.