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JAMESTOWN, N.C. — A Triad middle schooler is leading by example.

Jahmeir Saigo is in the eighth grade at Jamestown Middle School in Jamestown. He is on top of his academics. The 14-year-old has all As.

“I have a lot of afterschool activities,” says Saigo. “So, I don’t really have time to go back later and keep looking. I like to get my work done early.”

We caught up with Saigo on a field trip. He and his classmates, who study aviation, visited the GTCC Aviation Campus. While he isn’t necessarily interested in aviation, this teen says the opportunity helped expand his career interests.

Away from school, Saigo plays basketball. One of his teams volunteered with relief efforts following the tornado that left a path of destruction in east Greensboro.

“We went out to churches and we donated food and water,” he says. “It was terrible. I didn’t know it was that bad [because] I live on the other side (of town).”

He says helping is rewarding.

“It made me feel like I was doing something, helping people.”